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Red Wine Recommendation From Sababay Winery, Gianyar, Bali

Experience a unique journey in our winemaking facilities and taste selections of New latitude wines✨

My name is Gede.

In front of you, we have three different red wines that we're going to try. 
So, the first one we have Black Valvet. 
Black Valvet, this is one of our entry-level.
And also, this is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Alphonse Lavallee.

And also on every bottle, we have the pairing suggestion:
And for this Black Valvet, this wine is good with every dish, such as grill Cointreau.
And then we have squid lawar, this is local Balinese food. 
And then Bali-style duck.
And also, this one is good with pasta and pizza Margherita. 

And then the second one we have Reserve Red. 
So, this is our dry red. 
This is also a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Alphonse Lavallee.
And also this is 13% alcohol.

And for the pairing suggestion:
This one is good with fried duck,
and then soy sauce pork, 
and then further with beef or barbecue.

The last one we have is Masceti. 
So this is one of our best alerts. And this is 45 1. 
So, this is higher in alcohol, and this is 19% alcohol.
Masceti is a blend of Shiraz and Alphonse Lavallee, our local grapes.

And for the pairing:
This one is more like a dessert wine.
So, it's good with cherry pie or dark chocolate.



180.000 IDR now only 126.000 IDR / person : 
including : 
- guided tour
- tasting 3 wines

400.000 IDR only 360.000 IDR / person, including : 
- guided tour
- tasting 4 wines
- pairing with choice of assorted cheese platter or indonesian canapes
- beautiful rustic picnic setup

Tour available EVERYDAY slot available at (10 AM, 1 PM & 3 PM, Reservation in prior is needed)