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Red Wines Bali

🍷 Redwine Tasting Reviews From Balinese Vineyards 🍷

This short and funny degustation video helps you to make the best out of your redwine degustation experience. It also improves your tasting experience for food and other drinks.

Degustation is no rocket science. Anyone can sharpen the 4 engaged senses:
- See the colours,
- Smell the flavours,
- Taste the aromas,
- Feel and enjoy the spirit.

And so can you, too. Just watch 3 minutes before joining a tasting, to get the most out of it. (Souce: YouTube)

How to Find a Red Wine Tasting Near Me?

Enjoy a vineyard tour for a wine tasting, smell, see, feel,and taste red wines produced by the 3 best known wineries in Bali:

- Hatten Vineyard

- Sababay Vineyard

- Plaga Vineyard

- Cantine Balita Vineyard

Immerse yourself in Bali's authentic redwines designed to tickle your curiosity and develop your knowledge about red wines.

Enthusiasts introduce you into the universe of red wines from Bali. And they present their uniqueness, due to the volcanic soil, locations, and climate conditions. Let yourself be guided to discover the local of them and their production method. Learn about the story of the winery. Experience their uniqueness, the ingredients, the wine-making process, and the dedicated methods behind it all.

Finally, please yourself with a selection of a selection of the best wines from the island of the gods and learn about their special aromas, which are interesting, unique, and flavourful!

How to Find a Winery Near Me?

Sababay Winery

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Hatten Winery

Navigate to Hatten Winery wineries

Plaga Winery

Navigate to Plaga Vineyard

Cantine Balita Winery

Navigate to Cantine Balita Vineyard

Where Can I Find A Wine Shop Near Me?

Here is a selection of wine shop, where to buy excellent bottles from Indonesia’s most famous island.

Independent Wine Shops near you

From independent wine shops stocking exceptional redwines to online stores delivering straight to your home. Here is our comprehensive round-up of where to buy Balinese wines.

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just want to enjoy a glass of vino during your weekend. It’s wise to stock up your cellar with a few bottles. Don’t just be satisfied with the most affordable supermarket brand though.

Indulge in proper quality bottles from one of the island’s merchants, or better yet, head online. So polish glasses and invite your friends. Here are the best places to shop.

Which Vineyards Are Near Me?

The 4 Best Known Vineyards in Bali

At the island of the gods, you may get a share of the glory when it comes to Indonesia's wines.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian culture can more than hold its own when it comes to vino. Even if Bali's oldest winemaker Hatten only has a history of production since 1994.

With Hatten, Sababay, Plaga, and Cantine Balita, there are only a few vineyards to visit. They produce unique Balinese red wines, worth to try. All 4 vineyards are located in the north of Bali, aproximately a 2 to 3 hours ride from the city of Denpasar.

So, next time you’re in the mood to taste and enjoy some fermented grape juices visit one of these 4 winemakers near to you.