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Red Wine Recommendation From Hatten Winery, Sanur, Bali

Hi, I am Made, Made Arinjaya, 

I'm working for Hatten wine.
I am the cellar and PDR (Private Dining Room) manager here.
Now, I will explain our products. 
So, we have Hatten wine.
The first the grape is grown in Bali and it is produced also in Bali. 
We are the first Winery here to grow the Shiraz in Indonesia. 

And then the second brand is Two islands.
For the Two Islands, the grape is grown in Australia, 
but we are producing the wine here in Bali. 

We have two kinds of Two Islands: 
White label Two Islands, and then 
Two Island Reserve with the black label. 
The reserve is more aging than the white label is reserved.

And then, we have also the Dragonfly brand.
That is the sweet style of wine, 
that we are producing the grapes come from Australia, as well.

We have a Moscato for the white wine and Cabinet Shiraz for the sweet red wine.
For the Hattan Aga Red, this is medium body wine.

It's made from a blend of Alphonse Labelle, 
which is Balinese local grapes and then blended with Shiraz, and then Alpha Ishihara. 

These 3 grapes make very nice wines. 
The nose is like a fruity Aroma. It goes well with the steak. 

Yeah, and the second one, I will recommend you for the two islands Shiraz.
The character of the Shiraz is spicy. It goes well with a peppery sauce.

And then the last one, this is the suite, full-body sweet red wine.
This's made from the intent of Cabernet Sauvignon and then Shiraz's late harvest. 
So, the sugar level is higher.

And then I will recommend this with Asian food. Because Asian food has alike the spiciness there. And the sweetness from the wine will be supporting that.
And it will be really good.