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Wine Studies - All About Wine For Beginners

What is Wine? Wine Studies For Beginners: Learn All About Wine

In this 13 part wine studies video series you may learn all about wine:

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When the question "What is Wine?" arises, the answer is a drink made from grape juice fermented then what's more, I'm between 8 and 22% alcohol, can be drunk as a drink or as a friend to eat, from style to lifestyle, there are many because there are so many prices ranging from cheap to expensive. Why is it even though they say the only way to make it is grape juice that can overcome if we talk about wine, the simple way is whatever the taste in the wine will become the taste inside What part of me is very important what's wrong with using the language that is usually used in wine and the taste in terms we call the skin and The seeds in the grapes give the white flavor but the skin doesn't just give it he also gives color to the color from the skin it comes from in a simple way, friends, want to make the basic material white. Want to make the basic ingredient, red wine, later we will learn that it turns out that you can make a face from red wine, first, let's go next. What's next? what makes you different, there are several things that make it different, the first or the type of wine, only 2 friends, there is a name that is not white and the color is yes Starting from green to yellowish the color is gold, the second is what is called retreat, all grapes in the early stages are green and then change the color becomes pink to black 2 types of grapes there are lots of grapes, each type of groove has different characteristics from itself and what really affects is the second element that affects what we call it, it is the whole that affects where the grapes are planted starting from how much rest the rest then the height of the rainfall is type s the soil what influenza from the outside affects the magnitude The speed of the cold wind from the sea or the cold plains from the mountains will greatly affect the characteristics of certain types of grapes when planted in certain places it is interesting that each other will have different width characteristics depending on how it is grown The third thing that makes friends different is the person starting from the person who takes care of the wineries or we call it the person who makes the wine, we call the role of the person, it will have a very big influence.