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Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting Near Me

Enjoy a vineyard tour to taste, smell, and enjoy the red wines of the best known wineries in Bali:

Immerse yourself in an authentic wine tasting designed to tickle your curiosity and develop your knowledge about red wines.

Enthusiasts will introduce you and present into the universe of Balinese wines. Let yourself be guided to discover the local of them and their production method. Learn about the story of the winery. Experience the uniqueness of Balinese wines, the ingredients, the wine-making process, and the dedicated methods behind it all.

Finally, please yourself with a wine tasting of a selection of the best wines and learn about their aromas, which are unique, flavourful, and interactive!

🍷 Wine Tasting Guide

Just watch this video, before joining a wine tasting, to get the most out of your degustation experience.