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Indonesian Culture

Indonesian Culture of Wines

Bali has a young wine culture without any heritage wines. The Hatten winery, being founded in 1994, is the oldest in Indonesia. "Angur Merah - Orang Tua" is the most common wine among the locals in Bali. 
Angur Merah means red wine, and Orang Tua means old person. It's a very sweet red and rice wine blend, which is mainly used for ceremonies or healing. There are some varieties of it with "Jamu". Jamu is an herb extract, which gets blended with the Angur Merah, and turns the drink into traditional, ayurvedic medicine. It gets sold in "Toko Jamu", which means Herbal Medicine Store.
The Indonesian culture of drinking wine is due to the tax and political situation very little. 
Due to the Muslim government's alcohol restrictions, imported wines are only available in touristy regions. Further, Indonesia has an unpleasant high import tax on alcohol of 150%. Even in a bottle for 30 AUD, one only gets a simple wine. And for most Indonesians a bottle of imported wine is unaffordable. Neither Indonesian country heritage wines nor heritage wine cellars exist.
Locally grown and produced wines cannot keep up with international ones, yet. But the local wineries make some progress. From better quality are the wines produced from imported grape juice from Australia. For example, Two Islands, Isola, or Black Valvet wines are produced like that. The import of non-fermented grape juice avoids the import tax. Further, it benefits from the low labor cost in Indonesia. This makes these locally produced wines, which are produced from a wider variety of grapes, with are not cultivated in tropical climates, more affordable.

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